MD Message

Message from Managing Director

Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.  With all my years managing and operating different businesses in Bangladesh, I’ve felt the need  to establish a business which is not only innovative in Bangladesh but also very important for  our economy. I have started the operation of Rifat Aluminum Packaging limited with that  singular goal in mind – to be a manufacturing oriented company that places unprecedented  value in providing quality. And thanks to the Almighty Allah, I’ve been capable in doing so in the  last 8 years.  Back in 2011-2012, we start operations of RIFAT ALUMINUM PACKAGING LIMITED, after so many  trials and experiments finally we reach our desire goal. End of 2013 we finally sold our first  shipment to our beloved customer. This was a milestone for manufacturing supplies of  pharmaceuticals industries, Bangladesh. We were the 1st who make this product for  pharmaceuticals use. Before that it was imported from outside. Now it become cost efficient  and easily found product for pharmaceuticals industries of Bangladesh.   I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our customers, bankers, suppliers,  government agencies, regulatory bodies and everyone with whom the company interacted in  conducting its business. The success we have achieved so far was only possible because of the  collective efforts of all concerned.


Founder & Managing Director

Rifat Aluminium Packaging LTD