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Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd. was founded in 2013, has taken appropriate measures with an innovative approach to meet the current need of customers to match the challenges of industrial demand of the 21st century in a global context. Among those was constructed the Alu Alu Bottom Foil Plant at Gazipur Industrial Zone. This is an international standard manufacturing plant for the flexible packaging industry in Bangladesh.

Rifat Aluminum Packaging ltd. was established in recognition of the general need of the growing pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh. A major portion of Alu Alu Bottom foils was imported from abroad to meet the primary packaging requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry three, four years ago.


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We are now able to meet quality & quantitative requirements of all pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh .

To achieve sustainable profit growth and attain the leading portion as the manufacturer of safe and affordable disposable Alu Alu (Bottom) Foil.

To achieve sustainable profit growth by being the manufacturer of choice for disposal aluminum Bottom foil. As a company, we value the safety of our people, protection of our environment.