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Rupayan Golden Age (6th Floor)
99 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. 
Factory: BaniarchalaBhabanipurJoydevpurGazipur, Dhaka. 
Phone: +88-02-8832946-8Fax: +88-02-9861669 
 Email: [email protected] 

Company Brief

Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd. was founded in 2013, has taken appropriate measure with an innovative approach to meet the current need of customers to match the challenges of industrial demand of 21st century in global context. Among those was constructed the Alu Alu Bottom Foil Plant at Gazipur Industrial Zone. This is an international standard manufacturing plant for flexible packaging industry in Bangladesh.  Rifat Aluminum Packaging ltd. was established in recognition to the general need of the growing pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh. A major portion of Alu Alu Bottom foils were imported from abroad to meet the primary packaging requirements of pharmaceuticals industry three, four years ago. This is where Rifat Aluminum has proudly been furnishing the packaging needs for pharmaceutical industry since 2014. We have recently captured 60% market share of Alu Alu Bottom foil in Bangladesh beating with a hard competition against well reputed international sources. Our main strengths are high-tech machineries, super skilled men-power, products with the reliable quality and stable performance, competitive price and thoughtful after sale-service. RAPL is favored by all domestic customers because of our company places too much stress on quality and service all the time. We make it our business to create value for customer and hold the belief that mutual trust leads win-win and offer service to customers. We will go ahead towards the purpose to build a big-league enterprise on the basis of our superb technique, high quality, high reputation and thoughtful service with all well-known customers. We are now able to meet quality & quantitative requirements of all pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladeshwith current production capacity 5000 Tons, who no longer depend upon imports. The company is located at Gazipur Industrial Zone (Baniarchala, Bhabanipur, Joydevpur, Gazipur-1740, Bangladesh.)

Vision & Mission


To achieve sustainable profit growth by being the manufacturer of choice for disposal aluminum Bottom 
foil. As a company we value the safety of our people, protection of our environment.


To achieve sustainable profit growth and attain the leading portion as the manufacturer of safe and 
affordable disposable Alu Alu (Bottom) Foil.

Company Overview

Business Type: Manufacture (Alu Alu Bottom Foil)
Our Products: Alu Alu Bottom Foil.
Year of Established: 28-01-2013
Number of Employees: Total 61 Persons
Main Markets: Pharmaceuticals
Average Lead Time: 26 days

Total Revenue

Amount (In Crore) 
1.Paid Up Capital 
2.Bank Loan 
Total = 
21,0000,000.00 (Crore) 

Industrial Certification (Company Details)

Business/Trade license & Certificate:

ISO 9001: 2015 CertificationNo.: 106755/A/0001/UK/En  
GMP Certification: Certificate BD18/711041077 
Trade License No.: 165776000246 (Gazipur) 
BIN No.   : 000249773-0103 
Certificate of Incorporation No.: C-107035/13 
Date of Issue06-06-2017 
TIN No.: 220498775433 
Company Name: Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd. 
Country/Territory: Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Registered address: BaniarchalaBhabanipurJoydevpurGazipur. 
Legal Form: N/A 
Issuing Authority: Md.Islam Hossain (Managing Director) 
Mrs.Hasina Akter Lucky (Chairmen) 
Business Type: Manufacturer (Alu Alu Bottom Foil) 
Operational AddressBaniarchalaBhabanipurJoydevpurGazipur, Dhaka.

Message from Chairman:

We are delighted to announce that dedicated and ingenious people of Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd. demonstrate their commitment of extending and enhancing nation-wide business support to our valued customers. We stove hard to ensure the customers satisfaction on priority basis. We shall appreciate are valued customer to useful our website to be informed about relevant information.

Message from Managing Director:

 We are proud to share our success story with all our valued customers. We are now able to meet the quality and quantitative requirements of all pharmaceutical companies who no longer need to depend upon import. Our Bangladeshi technology based production facility can deliver high quality Alu Alu foil locally.

Picture of Managing Director

Board of Member

Name : Md.Islam Hossain 
Father’s Name: Md.Abul Kasem 
Mother’s Name: Mst.Hanufa Begum 
Address : House-43,Flat-F-3,Road-113, 
Gulshan-1, P.O-Gulshan, Dhaka-1212. 
Date of Birth: 03-APR-1969 
E-mail : [email protected] 
Phone: 01711540123 
TIN: 040-102-8362 
Nationality: Bangladeshi. 
Managing Director 
Name : Hasina Akter Lucky 
Father’s Name: Md.Shajahan Miah 
Mother”s Name: Mrs.Aleya Begum 
Address: House-43,Flat-F-3,Road-113, 
Gulshan-1, P.O-Gulshan, Dhaka-1212. 
Date of Birth:07-MAR-1978 
Nationality: Bangladeshi 

RAPL Organogram

Existing Customer

1. SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
2. BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
3. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
4. Renata Limited. 
5. Opsonin Pharma Ltd.  
6. Aristopharma Ltd. 
7. ACI Limited. 
8. SK+F Bangladesh Ltd. 
9. The ACME Laboratories Ltd. 
10. Nuvista Pharma Ltd. 
11. Sun Pharmaceutical (Bangladesh) Ltd. 
12. IBN Sina Pharmaceuticals Industry Ltd. 
13. Jayson Pharmaceutical Ltd. 
14. General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
15. Drug International Ltd. 
16. Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd
17. Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  
18. Rangs Pharmaceuticals Ltd.                 
19. Ambee Pharmaceticals Ltd. 
20. SMC Enterprise Ltd. 
21. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
22. Biopharma Limited. 
23. Rephco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
24. Sharif Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
25. Kemiko Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
26. Apollo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
27. Medicon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
28. Amico Laboratories Ltd. 
29. Alco Pharma Ltd. 
30. Ad-din Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
31. Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. 
32. Aexim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
33. Amulet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
34. Bristol Pharma Ltd. 
35. Belsen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
36. Benham Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
37. Bios Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
38. Concord Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Page 06 of 10 
39. Chemist Laboratories Ltd.                                                                         
40. Doctor’s Chemical Works Ltd. 
41. Desh Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
42. Decent Pharma Laboratories Ltd.                                                                                                                    
43. Euro Pharma Ltd.          
44Ethical Drags Ltd.                                                                                              
45. FnF Pharmaceuticals Ltd.                                                                                  
46. Guardian Health Care Ltd.                                                      
47. Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Ltd.          
48. Kumudini Pharma Ltd. 
49. Millat Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
50. Modern Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
51. MST Pharma & Healthcare Ltd. 
52. Nipro Jmi Pharma Ltd. 
53. Nipa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
54. Organic Health Care Ltd.  
55. Pharmasia Limited. 
56. Quality Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
57. Rasa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  
58. Somatec Pharmaceuticals Ltd.                             
59. Sadek Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
60. Tropical Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
61. Union Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
62. Varitas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 
63. Cosmic Pharma Ltd.

Business Terms

Total Sales Volume: Five Thousand (5000) Tons (Per Year) 
Accepted Delivery Terms: Own Transport Delivery 
Accepted Payment Currency: BDT 
Accepted Payment Type: Cash/Cheque/Pay order/Electronic Fund Transfer. 

Factory Information

Factory Size: 150,000 (Square Feet)                                              
Factory Location: BaniarchalaBhabanipurJoydevpurGazipur, Dhaka.

Machine Use in Production

Trademarks & Patents

Trademark Name: Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd.

Company Contact Information

Company Name: Rifat Aluminum Packaging Ltd. 
Head Office: Rupayan Golden Age (6th Floor), 99 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. 
Factory: BaniarchalaBhabanipurJoydevpurGazipur, Dhaka. 
Contact: 88-02-8832946-8 
Fax: 88-02-9861669